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Interview: Pascal Bedard of

Interview: Maskurbate
by AJ Stevenson
“AJ’s Gay Porn Review”

I was lucky enough to get Pascal Berard (the brains and creative juices behind to take some time from his busy filming schedule to speak with me about the website and his Top Secret project in development.

[AJ] A little background: How long have you been doing Maskurbate and what path brought you here?

[Pascal] First I must tell you that I am a French Canadian from Montreal so my English is not perfect. I'll try to answer you questions the best I can.

Maskurbate has been online since October 2006. I started filming naked masked men in July 2006. I was working in finance and didn’t like my life at all. Like a lot of my coworkers I did a burnout. My body told me that I needed a major change, and I did! As a kid I did a lot of home movies with friends (science fictions, super heroes, horror...). I then was attracted by website designs. Never really studied in that domain, I learned it all by myself.

So, when I had to change jobs, I decided to mix my knowledge (finance, movies and design) and launched I wasn't sure at first if I would be comfortable filming a naked guy but after my first shooting (Tiger in July 2006) I knew that I was like a fish in the ocean.

[AJ] Can you tell us about any current projects? [Scoop Alert!]

[Pascal] I am currently working on (to be online this summer). This website will mostly feature Dereck aka Manuel Deboxer. I say mostly because it will also feature other hot guys with no mask on. My main focus until then is to improve Maskurbate the best way I can. There is a lot more to be done but will diversify my audience.

[AJ] When I saw your website, I was immediately turned on by the sexy masks. How did you get the idea for Maskurbate?

[Pascal] I found it difficult to convince hot guys in Montreal to perform naked in front of my camera. They were always telling me that they would do it if I didn’t show  their face. That's how I got the idea to partially hide their face with cool masks. I must say that it is indeed a lot easier to get a positive answer that way. :)

[AJ] Is that you sucking off many of the models? Do you have any interest in doing more with them on camera?

[Pascal] Yes I do perform most worships and blowjobs. Honestly the main reason why I do it myself is to save money by not having to pay another model to perform. I would get naked and do more than that simply because I do not have an athletic body.

[AJ] Many of your earlier videos have strong hairy masculine white guys. But more recent videos have that cute gymnast Patrick and some stunningly beautiful black guys. Are you diversifying your models even more?

[Pascal] The only criteria is that the models must be muscular with 6 pack abs. I don’t care about colors, hairy or else. So I go with the application I get and try to shoot the hottest guy currently available.

[AJ] I can guess at who is your favorite model to work with. Do you date any of the guys or is it “strictly business?”

[Pascal] Well you must know that 99% of the models are straight guys. So it is out of the question to do more “off the camera.” They do this for the paycheck and really don’t give a @#$@% about me or my website. Their main preoccupation is to get paid and that their identity stays confidential. As for the rare gay models, they all have boyfriends. And personally I don't want to mix business and relationships. But, sometimes I’ll fluff a straight guy between takes in order for them to stay hard. They don't want this to appear on cam but they do enjoy a well performed blowjob from time to time!  ;)

[AJ] Your action is generally muscle worship, sucking and fucking. What kinkier action would you consider filming?

[Pascal] I go with the flow. I don’t have a specific plan for future clips. I’m inspired by the model, his shape, his face, his personality and how far he is willing to go.
Most of the time, the more clips a model does, the more it gets kinky. It all depends.

[AJ] On behalf of our readers, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to enlighten us about your work.


By AJ Stevenson
AJ’s Gay Porn Review

I had seen a short clip of one of the earliest episodes from Boynapped and was immediately intrigued. This is some kinky shit! If you are into seeing (and hearing) twinks being tortured, then I’m sure you will find this website exciting. Boynapped takes the concept of cute skinny twinks being abused and fucked to a whole new level.

This isn’t a bunch of giggly young guys playing with hand cuffs and a dildo. This is real hardcore bondage, domination, pain and abuse. Sebastian, the producer, and his gang of twinks take part in dozens of rough, raunchy and painful episodes. Sebastian is a dirty old man who has his way with young guys in his dingy basement lair. The settings are downright scary with sewer pipes and dirty basement windows. The action is hot and very realistic. The twinks are cute and eager.

There is plenty of dildo fucking, forced oral, wax dripping, spanking, shackling and shaving. Many of the episodes feature Sebastian in charge, but he has also allowed some of his dominant twinks to take work over the submissive twinks. This makes for some very hot twink-on-twink action. Again, this is not faux bondage – these guys are shackled and bound in creative positions with some great homemade gear.

McKenzie Walker
Mackenzie Walker is a tall, handsome teen with an incredibly built bod, who finds his way into the Boynapped house and at the mercy of the crew. Suspended and stripped, Kenzie is humiliated and forced to get hard for Sebastian's pleasure. Oiled, sucked and wanked, it's not long before Mackenzie submits to the pleasure and his ordeal. Hard and desperate to cum, Mackenzie pleads for release but Sebastian was only playing and turns to flogging the buff boy's body, telling him his cum shot will have to wait.CLICK HERE

The website has been upgraded over the years to full HD. There are many episodes with kink and fetish themes. It’s nice to find such a heavy concentration of high-quality kink in one place. For all the diversity that the internet brings, there just isn’t enough twink bondage and assplay (and most of the other stuff isn’t very convincing). The twink and bondage enthusiast will be very pleased with this site, as I was. Given the exceptional realism and imagination, earns a rating of 4.7 (out of 5.0).

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Review: ""

by AJ Stevenson
AJ’s Gay Porn review

Over the last few years Chaosmen has gotten better and better, to the point where their production quality, models and action are among the highest quality for pay per month gay porn websites. Since this site has been around for so long, there is a substantial back library of videos.

Chaosmen consistently delivers a high-quality bareback experience with guys in their twenties and early thirties. It’s a nice age bracket that bridges the twink and muscle genres. The guys are generally well-muscled, tattooed and have natural body hair. I wouldn’t say the guys are clean-cut – they are more of the trailer park or hustler variety. Some of them are very handsome or have exceptional jock bodies.

The producers present a variety of scenarios, including jo, oral service, bareback anal and safe anal. Most of the models appear in all of the different types of videos, and many of the fucking videos have the guys switching so they both give and receive. I have to note some cases where the energy between the guys is lacking or they have issues maintaining a hardon (in the age of Viagra, this shouldn’t be an issue).

Most of the guys are on the average to above-average in endowment. I’d like to see some more heavily hung guys. These guys are clean (despite their scruffy looks) and the producer of Chaosmen does such a good job of editing and filming closeups: bring in some horse dick and show us how the jocks can really gape open!

AJ Stevenson

(Note: The actual videos on the website are much better quality than these sample clips)

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Review: "Maskurbate"

By AJ Stevenson
AJ’s Gay Porn Review

Maskurbate is one of the smartest, sexiest gay action sites I have seen in a long time. The guys wear leather masks (hence the site name). Who would have thought that the simple addition of a mask would ramp the heat index of this site way up?

The action varies from muscle and cock worship to sucking and fucking. The models tend to be mostly muscular white French Canadian types with either trimmed or shaved body hair, plenty of tattoos and trimmed facial hair. In addition, the director has selected a few stunningly built (and hung) black guys and one buffed blond gymnast type (Patrick). These guys have a hustler-stripper vibe that is a bit dirty, but not overly so.

The site has a variety of themed action videos. In many of them, the producer/director gets to play with his models – sucking them off, massaging and worshipping their buffed bodies and uncut cocks. In other videos these guys suck and fuck each other, sometimes bareback. The director captures a lot of piercing eye contact even during the solo jackoff videos.

Apart from the great mask theme, these videos have sexy trance/electronica soundtracks. Background music is lacking in many videos these days and it’s nice for the producers to give us that little extra effort. The older videos from Maskurbate have a less polished feel, but they have gotten solidly better. Overall, the production values are excellent giving Maskurbate a rating of 4.6 (out of 5.0)
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Review: "It’s Gonna Hurt"

by AJ Stevenson

Of all the BBC websites I view and review, “It’s Gonna Hurt” has got to be one of my favorites. The center of attention is Castro’s beautiful thick curved cock. He fucks all types of guys from muscle jocks to twinks, femme guys and masculine guys. He has a great smile and sense of humor.

Condoms are always used, but they are not obtrusive. They use a medium opaque brand that doesn’t get in the way of appreciating the darkness of the cocks and the paleness of the asses. There are many heavy facials and cum shots. The cameraman does a great job catching the facial expressions on the bottoms and Castro’s frequent smirks. These guys are verbal and clearly in a moderate amount of pain.

In addition to Castro (who is the star), there are a few other very nicely hung latin (Mario), black and blatino guys. I’d like to see more double teaming or double penetration scenes. I could only find a handful and they are only average or a little better.

The basic premise is Castro hooking up with cute bottom guys who don’t know quite what they’re getting into. I’m sure these bottom guys get to see pictures and/or video clips of their topmen before meeting them. When they see Castro’s hot tool flop out of his pants half-hard, they invariably gasp. But then, in a flash, they’re sucking it and getting their asses ready. I simply love to see the expressions on their faces – sometimes it’s genuine awe mixed with a little fear.

Overall, the production values are very high. The scenarios are all similar, but I like the unscripted feel of the conversations. Castro and pretty much all the models are comfortable in front of the camera. These guys have hardons and maintain them well. My rating is a 4.3 (of a possible 5.0). I’d like to see more frequent updates and perhaps a little more variety in the tops (nothing personal, Castro).

"Cutting Class for Cock" Video Preview

Check out the numerous free video clips on "It's Gonna Hurt."

AJ Stevenson
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